Masdar, MIT tool to help boost sustainable infra in Abu Dhabi



Scientists at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, have built a new tool that may give a critical boost to the development of sustainable infrastructure in Abu Dhabi – an important topic that will be highlighted by a group of industry experts, developers, investors and government officials who are gathered in the capital this week for the 10th edition of Cityscape Abu Dhabi.
To help ensure that Abu Dhabi city is optimised for sustainability, an innovative, 3-dimensional urban micro-climate model of Abu Dhabi’s downtown area is being developed by a team of researchers from Masdar Institute and MIT. The model will serve as a valuable tool to inform city planners on optimisation. “The Masdar Institute-MIT micro-climate model, coupled with recent technological advancements in smart building design, will guide the development of an optimised built environment in Abu Dhabi, which could significantly increase the health and productivity of the people both inside and outside the buildings,” said Dr Steve Griffiths, Vice President for Research at Masdar Institute.

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