Make it your own with MINI in Middle East

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MINI fans across the Middle East can now design the car of their dreams as the car manufacturer has launched the MINI configurator on their regional website. Offering a host of customisation options for the exterior, interior and equipment, the configurator helps individuals who are planning to purchase a MINI to visualise the final product, complete with all the extras and additional features they desire.
The first thing to do while using the configurator is to choose which model you want to base your customised MINI on. Once selected, along with the type of transmission, the next step is to design the exterior of the vehicle by choosing from the complete range of solid and metallic colours available, as well as additional individualisation options for the mirror caps, roof and stripes. When the user selects certain options, such as the type of wheels, the configurator will automatically prompt the user if their choice affects the overall specifications, for example by adding a complete signature interior or exterior package. To get a better look at the masterpiece in the making, the user can spin the car around at any point during the exterior customisation process.
Moving on to the interior of the MINI, the configurator allows the user to design their individualised look and feel by choosing which fabric or leather they prefer for the car seats, as well as any interior trims they may wish to add. Note that the view has now shifted so it appears you are glancing into the driver’s seat.
The user also gets to select which MINI pack they prefer, such as the John Cooper Works interior or exterior pack, the Chili or perhaps the Trafalgar.

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