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OBS Lifestyle is credited with fetching upscale brands from the global corridors right to the doorsteps of UAE residents.
Enjoying a rich portfolio of some of the leading brands, dealing with fashion and life, OBS Lifestyle has emerged as one of the prominent
retail and distribution division of OBS Group in the last few years.
OBS Group is one of the most successful and diversified groups of companies based in Dubai.
It is a privately held, diversified conglomerate with operations in the Middle East, UK and emerging
markets. Group’s competitive advantage lies in its talented teams and its ability to attract and retain talent for a longer duration. As a niche brand, it believes in adding value to the
markets, partners, and customers.
OBS continues to be a family-owned business dedicated to the nurturing and development of uniquely high quality and contemporary brands through the selected distribution
“We are focused on bringing to the market the very best in class, unique products that are lifestyle oriented. Our categories include fashion, beauty, chocolate and the finest accessories. We are also going to have a unique beverage (beauty drink) product that is due to be introduced in the market in Q2 2016,” Andy Moss, Chief Executive Officer of OBS Lifestyle, told Emirates Business.
While talking about the vision behind OBS Lifestyle, Moss pointed out, “The vision I have for the business is to build over the long term a successful as well as a specialised retail and distribution model that is focussed on long term development of the finest lifestyle brands in the world. A model that is retailed through group owned bricks and mortar, online and selected retail partners.”
OBS boasts of a boutique approach to the way it operates and over the years it has developed a close relationship with the brands it partners with. Its business is divided into three key areas — food and beverages, fashion and accessories and beauty division.
The brand has commercial relationships with the very best local and international retailers such as Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, Galleries Lafayette, Paris Gallery, Atelier and House of Fraser to name a few. Its team operates across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region as well as there are separate operations in the UK.
Moss also forsees a good future for OBS Lifestyle in the coming years.
“The luxury segment continues to grow and develop but the question is more about what the brands within this segment are doing to attract a wider audience of consumer who are prepared to invest in a piece versus say three pieces of mid-market product,” stated Moss.
OBS Lifestyle is committed to creating sustainable value for shareholders tempered by corporate responsibility and consideration for environmental protection. It believes in creating ideas with a long-term perspective that comes from building a business for future generations and ideas that create opportunities.
Some of the flagship products in the OBS collection include Ormonde Jayne Perfumes and Candles, Maison Francis Kukdjian, Raw spirit, Herve sGambs and Prestat Chocolates.

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