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The Heart of Sharjah (HOS), one of Sharjah’s premiere tourist destinations, hosted a series of fun-filled activities and workshops for families and young people in collaboration with Maraya Art Centre under the title “Nabdh”, which is Arabic for pulse and with the participation of renowned puppeteers.
Visitors of the Heart of Sharjah, from all ages, enjoyed a day of entertainment, activities and workshops that were run in collaboration with a number of organizations and centres.
enjoyed the adventurous workshops held in the kids play area, in addition to the puppet theatre performance titled “Alia” which was inspired by Emirati culture.
Sajaya also held the “Traditional Doors” and “Threads Keychain” workshops, while the Collage Centre held a “Stone Painting” workshop in which the children learned how to draw different patterns on stones.
The Collage Centre also lead the story telling session for children aged 6 years and above where they learned how to write a story inspired from their daily life. While Vinny Dolls held a “DOLL-HEADS”: contemporary doll making workshop of traditional Emirati characters where children
and parents could take part
The Kuwaiti artist, Zahed Sultan, entertained the visitors with a 60-minute live multimedia performance in the Heart of Sharjah’s heritage center.
The Heart of Sharjah (HOS), located few minutes from Sharjah’scorniche area, is a unique destination in a rich cultural setting. The project will restore the city’s epicenter to reflect the 1950s and 1960s, with the aim of preserving the cultural and historical identity of Sharjah. It is scheduled for completion in 2025, and is made up of narrow alleyways, old school buildings, market places and traditional homes. It will feature a diverse range of commercial, cultural and residential projects including a boutique hotel, restaurants, shops, art galleries, traditional and contemporary markets, archaeological sites, museums, play areas, and commercial offices.
The Heart of Sharjah stands as a testament of timeless traditions, advanced craftsmanship and thoughtful architecture of this region.

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