GIS technology can counter agriculture uncertainty

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Alkesh Sharma Emirates Business

Amid climate uncertainties and an ecosystem where soil character changes after every 100-mile, agriculture systems need to adapt to deal with the significant shifts.
Here comes the role of GIS (geographic information system) technology that is contributing to enhance farming efficiency and raising yields. It is also helping agriculturists plan the right crops. GIS is integrating high-resolution graphics while providing regular field reviews, and real-time data inputs to deduce ways on how to make most out of the constrained means in the shortest possible time.
The concluding day of the Global Forum of Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) in Abu Dhabi saw a weighty contemplation on this high-tech concept and also on its pros and cons related to it.
“GIS is the key to boost agriculture. It is an analytical engine that is helping to reach on fruitful prescriptions and helping to apply those in the actual crop fields,” Susana Crespo, Agriculture Industry Manager, Esri, US. Esri is pioneer in the use of GSI technology in agriculture. “In this high-tech age, data is not just available in plenty but it is also accessible to all. Therefore GIS is helping to do away with agriculturefears”.

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