First Arabic Playbook for Innovation Learning launched

Dubai / WAM

Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation (MBRCGI), has launched the first Arabic Playbook for Innovation Learning to enhance competencies of government employees, and develop their innovative skills to find solutions for future challenges.
The playbook was developed in cooperation with Nesta, a UK-based innovation foundation. The playbook is part of the MBRCGI’s efforts to promote innovation, propose creative solutions within the UAE Government operations, and establish an innovation-friendly environment.
“The launch of the Playbook for Innovation Learning is an exceptional opportunity for all employees in federal and local government agencies and private companies,” said Huda Al Hashemi, MBRCGI Executive Director. “It allows them to hone their innovative skills, identify instant and effective solutions, as well as to effectively respond to the challenges they face in innovative ways. This, in turn, supports the government’s efforts to achieve the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021 and the UAE Centennial 2071 Plan.”
Al Hashemi added that the playbook allows government employees and members of the community to leverage the tools and skills it offers to create a supportive environment for innovation, establishing creativity as a work ethic and lifestyle to support the future ambitions of the UAE.
Underlining the long-term partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, Nesta’s Chief Executive Geoff Mulgan said, “Launching the Arabic version of the Innovation Toolkit and the Playbook for Innovation Learning is inspiring. We have benefitted greatly from the UAE’s experience and approach in the field of government innovation. We are proud of this partnership, which has resulted in many achievements that strengthen the culture of innovation. We look forward to launching more joint initiatives that contribute to the development of the individuals, communities and governments in the Middle East.”
The MBRCGI organised a two-day workshop, which was attended by employees from various government entities. Participants were trained to use the models included in the playbook, which allows them to master innovative techniques and expand their role in spreading knowledge across the various entities in the UAE.
The playbook includes user-friendly, application-driven models designed to help innovators and empower government entities to develop innovative initiatives and solutions that elevate efficiency and services across the public sector.
Those interested can access the Arabic Playbook for Innovation Learning through the ‘Ibtekr’ platform at:

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