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Expo Centre Sharjah conducts fire drill

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Expo Centre Sharjah, which is spread across 128,000 square metres and houses high-tech exhibition facilities, successfully held a fire and emergency evacuation drill on Wednesday.
The drill was aimed at assessing the preparedness and efficiency of the security and safety systems at Expo Centre Sharjah, given that the facility regularly hosts thousands of exhibitors, visitors and staff members, besides exhibiting hundreds of valuable display items such as gold & diamond jewellery and heavy machinery.
“We have modern facilities and host some of the most-visited consumer and trade fairs and other events at Expo Centre Sharjah. We are very concerned about the safety and security of our staff members, exhibitors and visitors. Hence it is imperative that every exhibition premise conducts a fire drill and emergency evacuation to ensure the facility is ready to deal with emergencies,” said Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, CEO, Expo Centre Sharjah.
As soon as the fire alarm sounded at 10am, all staff members and others present in the buildings came out using emergency exits and gathered at the outdoor assembly point.
“All of us promptly left the building using the nearest emergency exit route and gathered at the designated spot outside and reported to the officer in-charge at the evacuation area. A headcount was carried out to ensure that everybody has left the building. I am happy to say that there were no reports of any ‘accidents’ or ‘injuries’ during the drill,” said Midfa.
The drill ensured that the Expo Centre’s emergency response plan for all occupants and equipment are in place and working; all exits, emergency staircases were ensured that they are usable and not obstructed; and fire drill and emergency evacuation officers carried out their duties successfully, besides preparing them for any type of incidents during exhibitions, conferences, meetings or other public events.
Later, the time required completing the evacuation, any problems and deficiencies that may have occurred during the drill were discussed and analysed so as to improve and strengthen the emergency response plan.

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