Etihad ESCO saves DEWA 75% power

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Energy efficiency can translate into economic advantage. And Etihad ESCO, a leading energy retrofit entity, is showing the way by providing dependable solutions to reduce power usage across a spectrum of industries.
In one of its latest initiative, Etihad ESCO executed the lighting retrofit project at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) power stations in Jebel Ali and Al Awir. The project involved replacing 8,500 light fixtures with efficient LEDs. Results are encouraging as this has helped to achieve 75 percent more power savings compared with earlier infrastructure.
As per commercial electricity rates, the project promises to generate an annual saving of whopping AED6.6 million with no maintenance costs for upto six years.
As a result of this project, DEWA’s initial investment of AED21million will be repaid through the guaranteed savings in less than 3.5years, claims ESCO.
Stephane le Gentil, CEO, Etihad ESCO said, “This pioneering project in Dubai demonstrates the viability and efficiency of the LED technology in achieving energy savings while ensuring better light quality.” Through previously undertaken audits, Etihad ESCO identified that the lighting infrastructure at DEWA’s power stations was aging and a significant improvement could be implemented to reduce energy consumption.
Alfonso D’andretta, Head of Systems Center Dubai at Philips Lighting, said “Lighting today accounts for 19 percent of the world’s total electricity consumption, whereas this number is 22 percent in this region. Importance of energy efficient LED lighting solutions is getting more crucial every day for a more sustainable standard of living.”

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