DHA rolls out nutritional drive

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The clinical nutrition department of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has kicked-off its nutritional awareness campaign for this year.
The campaign known as Angiz Akhar (Do More) is taking place for the third consecutive year and will go on until end of April 2016.
As part of the campaign, DHA nutritionists and physiotherapists will carry out 10 awareness campaigns at Dubai’s various walking tracks.
Dr Wafa Ayesh, Director of Clinical Nutrition of the Dubai Health Authority, said: “In 2013, we noticed that although some of our patients were regular with exercise but they were following incorrect practices such as not consuming water during exercise, consuming unnatural protein sources etc. We then realized that it is important to educate people who exercise about correct nutrition especially before and after exercise so that they can see positive results of exercising and be healthy and that’s how we started this campaign. Over the last three years, we have educated hundreds of people and have received very positive feedback.”
Ayesh added: “This campaign is rolled out at walking tracks across several parks in Dubai. Our nutritionists educate the public about topics such as nutrition for athletes, natural and unnatural sources of protein, ideal foods to consume before and after exercise, the importance of good carbohydrates, hazards of energy drinks etc.”
Ayesh added that DHA health professionals also provide free health screening including BMI, blood sugar, blood pressure and bone density screening.
Physiotherapists will also be present to discuss topics such as exercise and posture, correct way of exercising to avoid injuries.

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