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Creativity, imagination, business and more….

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Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) featured a very
interesting corner that attracted hundreds of visitors. The ‘Illustrator’s Corner’ is one of the most vibrant sections where creativity and imagination merge together with an utmost ease.
One of the most buzzing corners of the exhibition venue, this place highlighted various activities that demonstrate their commitment to serve the Arab and international book and cultural scene.
An artist from Lebanon, Fadi Fayad, while talking to Emirates Business, said, “I have been very passionate about art since my childhood, and it was one of the main reasons behind choosing Art as my full-time vocation. At present, I am an art director in a magazine and this is the second time I have been invited to participate at the event.”
Illustrator’s Corner featured a selection of talented artists active in various fields, like art, paintings, cartoons and graphic design.
Another participant at the event Ibrahem Swaid, a concept illustrator from Ras Al Khaimah and who has been associated with the event for over three years, said, “This event offers a great opportunity to artist community to establish connections and meet potential publishers.”
Illustrator’s Corner also provides an opportunity to publishers and illustrators to meet and interact.
Talking about the business prospective at the fair, Swaid stated, “One of my objectives behind participation at the book fair is to find a publisher for my new project. My friend and I have been working on a project, a portfolio book that would be featuring the illustrators from the Middle East. This book fair is a great opportunity to meet the Middle East publishers face-to-face, as it is always a little difficult to get in touch with them online.”
Each illustrator at the pavilion had something interesting to share about his journey into the creative field.
“My work is very detailed and I focus on the minutest of the details. I like to capture the true essence of like, the satisfaction on the face of a poor woman selling fruit or the bliss on the face of a homeless man-playing saxophone in the hash Washington winters. ADIBF has given me a chance to demonstrate my work to a big audience,” added Fayad.
Asama Al Remeithi, a freelance artist from Emirates, said, “Art has always been an integral part of my existence. After completing my studies, I started focussing more on my art work. Initially I worked with a government organisation as a graphic designer. Presently I have a few ideas that I am working on, mostly related to comics. ”
She further added, “I am also doing some art work with my friends, in addition to some products and merchandise. The response at the book fair is always overwhelming. Even though the people are not much aware about our art, but they, especially children, are curious and are showing keen interest,” she said.



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