Consumer marketplace on the rise in Middle East

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Sunaina Rana / Emirates Business

As the UAE industries aim to achieve exponential growth, utmost key of their success remains customer satisfaction. According to a latest research, direct communication with the consumers and clients helps the trade market to ensure that end-users are satisfied and they will come back to them for business again.
The research, which was done by the leading global provider for consumer satisfaction JD Power, and Emirates-based Skelmore Consulting Group, estimated the customer intelligence measurement with local market expertise to improve customer satisfaction to capitalise on record growth in the region.
Gerrit Kuyntjes, vice president and general manager, JD Power, said, “As a wide range of industries — from automotive to banking and insurance to hospitality — continue to develop in the Middle East, it will be critical that executives are armed with reliable benchmarks and prescient data points that can help them improve the quality of their products and services.”
“The consumer marketplace has grown at an exceptional rate in the Middle East,” added Kuyntjes.
The initial plan of the research was laid down to launch solutions and quality metrics for the auto industry in the Gulf. The two companies are exploring customised automotive solutions using JD Power’s extensive knowledge of measuring customer feedback and Skelmore’s local relationships and understanding of the GCC markets.
Both companies are also evaluating the possibility of extending their collaborative efforts to include non-automotive sectors in their domain in the coming months.

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