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Cabinet Oks Agenda 2021 plan

مجلس الوزراء يعتÙ


Ras Al Khaimah / WAM

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said his message to the people of the UAE on the National Agenda 2021 aims to foster transparency between the government and people.
“The National Agenda 2021 sums up government work and shortens the goals which we set to make our people happy. We will focus on these objectives as a priority and a goal of the government work,” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said while chairing an exceptional meeting of the Federal Cabinet held at Fatima bint Mubarak School in Ras Al-Khaimah, on Sunday, in the presence of an elite group of student achievers from across the nation. It was the first time that members of the public attended such a cabinet session since its last reshuffle.
“Over the recent years, the government has accomplished significant achievements, taken giant strides forward and gained high international rankings. However, not all members of the cabinet were moving with same speed,” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed noted, adding, ”We are always looking ahead and never resting on our laurels because our educated, loyal and specialised cadres remain our true achievements.”
During the session, the cabinet approved a plan to accelerate implementation of the national agenda goals which seek to concentrate efforts, mobilise energies and intensify work to reach 100 percent by 2021.
“I am optimistic about reaching our goals before 2021. The national agenda includes 52 specific targets in sectors such as education, health, housing, community, infrastructure, economy, environment, security, justice and safety. The cabinet will monitor the government task force, made up of 550-strong officials. Similarly, 36 task forces will be set up from representatives of different government entities, sectors and levels who – as of next week, attend workshops to raise their understanding about these goals and implementation mechanisms,” H.H. Sheikh
Mohammed added.
HH also directed the release of government performance reports on the national agenda indicators in the media as part of his commitment to promote transparency and accountability.
“Your attendance in our meeting today reaffirms the commitment of all members of the cabinet to work towards the future of students in the UAE. I invited you to join us to see how the cabinet is acting as one team dedicated to building the future of the sons and daughters of the UAE. All the cabinet members you are watching here are working to serve you and your brothers and to create conditions through which you can realise your aspirations and dreams,” HH said while addressing the students.
“Everyone has work to do and a duty to fulfil, and your job is to excel in your studies. We are working to serve you and we want you to work for yourselves. Focus on your studies and preserve the achievements of the nation,” he stressed.
The cabinet approved the establishment of a liaison office for the United Nations (UN) Women in the Arabian Gulf area following its endorsement of the venue agreement. The Office of the UN Women, a global champion for gender equality, will be headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The move is part of the co-operation with the UN to advance equality between men and women and offer technical assistance to support national efforts of governments in the GCC.
Financially, the cabinet approved the closing consolidated accounts of the Emirates Post Group for fiscal year 2015. The cabinet also gave its consent for a request by the Federal National Council to deliberate on a number of government issues including the policies of the Federal Land and Marine Transport Authority (FLMTA) and Ministry of Infrastructure Development as well as food production, competitiveness and statistics.
On government issues, the cabinet reviewed a report on the financial statement of the government consolidated financing for fiscal year 2015 and another report on the closing accounts of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) for fiscal year 2014.
Internationally, the cabinet endorsed a series of agreements including a framework agreement between the governments of the UAE and United States for co-operation in areas of air navigation, exploration and utilisation of outer space for peaceful purposes.
Four agreements on economic and technical co-operation and another five on air transport services were also approved during the meeting as part of the UAE efforts to uphold its international standing and strengthen friendship ties with other countries.

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