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Intercare Health Center (IHC) is a state-of-the-art health facility, offering the highest standards of healthcare and medical services. Located at Marina Village in Abu Dhabi, IHC is led by a team of experienced family medicine doctors who pride themselves on implementing a holistic model of practice, with a sheer focus on patient-centered care.
Rasheed Tabari, CEO of Intercare Health Center, told Emirates Business, “Year after year we have seen an escalation in the cost of medical spend without a congruent improvement in the quality of healthcare provided to the population. This has resulted in substantial losses to the insurance companies and reduced benefits, which has in turn created an unsustainable situation.”
“Intercare Health Center’s mission is to bridge the gap between the payer, provider and patient by aligning their incentives to ensure that patients receive the appropriate level of care both logistically and financially,” said Tabari.
As per Alpen Capital report, the GCC healthcare market is projected to grow at 12 percent per annum to US$ 69.4 billion by 2018 from an estimated US$ 39.4 billion in 2013. Outpatient and inpatient markets are expected to account for 79 percent and 21 percent respectively, of the overall market size. Considering the unprecedented healthcare industry’s growth, UAE and Qatar are expected to be the fastest growing markets in the GCC.
IHC delivers premium quality primary care services for patients of all ages in the community; from new-born babies to senior citizens. The UK-trained consultants are supported by a comprehensive team of healthcare staff, offering an array of medical services in a modern, comfortable and welcoming environment.
Elaborating on the services provided at the IHC, Tabari said, “We see primary care as an integral part of the solution. Our coordinated care approach ensures that patients’ needs are met across the whole spectrum of care cycle. All care is documented and communicated effectively, thus avoiding the need for duplicate examinations and lab tests. In addition, our pioneering technological platforms play a big role in facilitating the dissemination of patient data.”
Offering high quality the primary care in the community, while educating the patients are the mission IHC follows. The center’s philosophy is that disease prevention and health promotion are best achieved when the patient is empowered. To this end, the center’s primary goal is to nurture a healthier informed patient who is proactive in their healthcare management.
IHC’s comprehensive range of medical services encompass the clinical areas of routine and chronic care, wellness management, rehabilitation therapy, maternity care and podiatry.
Tabari added, “At IHC we realise that around-the-clock access to health care services is paramount to our patients. The holistic and comprehensive care that we offer focuses on lifestyle and chronic disease management, prevention and patient education, in addition to pathology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and maternity services.”

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