Beauty salons in Dubai told to install ‘e-Cashier’


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The Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED) has asked all beauty salons in Dubai to install automated cash registers by the end of February 2017. The campaign, named ‘e-Cashier’ is aimed to enhance transparency and protect consumer rights, and follows a growing number consumer complaints on price manipulation by the salons, particularly during the holiday season.
The number of consumer complaints received against beauty salons was over 80 in 2016. Muhammad Rashed Ali Lootah, CEO of Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in DED said a number of campaigns are being launched by DED to enhance transparency and eliminate fraudulent practices, eventually strengthening the relations between businesses and their consumers.
“The e-Cashier campaign will enhance neutrality and ease of doing business in line with the competitive and cordial business environment Dubai, and the UAE in general, seeks to promote. Many beauty salons were found to manipulate prices, particularly during the holiday season, to increase their profit. The campaign will avoid such manipulation and violations,” Lootah said. CCCP seeks to protect consumers and improve the level of services provided at the salons and beauty centres across Dubai, which are growing in numbers nowadays, Lootah added.
Abdul Aziz Al Tannak, Director of Commercial Control Department in DED, said it is important to eliminate negative practices in order to improve relations between businesses and consumers as well as to protect the health and safety of consumers. “In the Department of Economic Development we seek to promote co-operation and commitment among traders as well as consumers through emphasising the need for transparent procedures, and the approach helps us to achieve the desired goals.”
Al Tannak said DED will soon launch a series of campaigns to increase consumer awareness and educate owners of beauty salons, particularly on the need to maintain price lists and adhere to the highest international standards in customer service as well as to consumer protection laws.
Al Tannak called on consumers to report to DED any violations they notice in beauty salons, Consumers should also ask for bills from the salon and retain a copy of the bills they receive over a period of time to be submitted along with any complaint they may have later. If a salon refuses to issue a bill the same should also be reported to DED on the Ahlan Dubai number (600 54 5555) which is displayed across all outlets in Dubai, or the twitter handle @Dubai_consumers.

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