Adding ‘magnificence’ to UAE lifestyle

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) is globally famous for its unbound luxury and inestimable hunger for excellence. Gauging the immense tourism potential in the Emirates’ market, many overseas companies have set up their base here in a bid to satiate the upscale demands of this region.
One such leading name is
‘Magnificent’, a Greece-based ultra-luxury concierge service provider. The company is catering to the UAE’s upscale market and is providing personalised services including exquisite villas, luxury cars, yachts, private jets and helicopters as well as specialised event management facilities to the business as well as leisure travellers.
“GCC region, particularly UAE, is one of the most important markets for us. Our customers in this region only want the best in the industry. They are widely-travelled and their requirements are always very discerning. Therefore to focus more on this region, we have recently appointed Rawaj International as our representative in the UAE and in the outer Middle East region,” Ioannis Kalesakis, the founder of Maginificent, told Emirates Business.
“Our portfolio of services extends beyond limitations. I am confident that our superior quality, meticulous attention to detail, exceptional hospitality and years of experience will give the residents in the UAE region something to look forward to,” he added.

Turning dreams to reality
Based in nature’s paradise Mykonos, Greece, Magnificent is literally turning dreams into reality by offering bespoke hospitality as well as expertly tailored and distinguished options around the interest and passion of each valued customer.
This unique boutique firm showcases a seamless blend of luxury, exclusivity, accessibility and is committed to guest-oriented excellence that will cater to every demand of their affluent clientele. This brand is designed to streamline and enhance luxury travel experiences, to go above and beyond, offering the highest class assistance and providing luxury access to the world’s finest upscale privileges.
They deliver the very best of unparalleled services with absolute attention and availability to their esteemed guests.

Over 15-year strong base
Over the years, Magnificent has distinguished itself as the master of creating superior customised experiences. The array of first-class services include exquisite villas, luxury cars, yachts, private jets and helicopters as well as specialised event management along with customised services.
Magnificent reigns 15 years of experience in the realm of opulent hospitality experience and has earned an unrivalled reputation with a cache of exclusive guests, including royalty, A-list celebrities and other prominent personalities.
Pioneers in presenting elite services of ultimate grandeur, the team creates an exclusive world of splendour and lifestyle in chic elegance. Their credentials have earned them connections with some of the leading luxury and fashion brands around the world. They have organised corporate and private events with Conde Nast, Armani, Dsquared, and Neil Barret to name a few.
“We aim to make a never-ending mark in the GCC for creating a one-stop, convenient and awe-inspiring experience to suit the demands of each individual. The firm aims to ensure that every guests request is fulfilled to the highest standard and to provide the desired result,” stated Kalesaki.
From defining the concept to lighting and sound, through to elaborate set design, Magnificent has conceptualised it all, putting their guests at ease and handling every element from A to Z to create the most lavish happenings.

World-class chefs

Magnificent boasts of exceptional high-end hospitality such as private in-house chefs who prepare contemporary Greek recipes from scratch to satisfy their guests’ taste buds and chartering private jets to enjoy a meal along the gorgeous island coastline. There is no request that the diligent team cannot fulfill.

Brain behind Magnificent
Kalesakis, the brain behind Magnificent, boasts of extensive knowledge and expertise in the realm. In 1995, he began his professional journey at a family restaurant business in Athens, Greece, where he went successively progressed through the job title hierarchy within the restaurant as an intern. By 1997 and at an early age he took over as managing director and was responsible for recruiting, budgeting, planning and promoting, and the overall operations of the restaurant. Ioannis took on this role for seven years, before moving to Mykonos and joining the biggest restaurant group, where he held a similar position for four years.
After managing and establishing F&B corporations, Kalesakis’ moved on to make his mark in the hospitality industry by launching luxury concierge services. However, he found his true calling in 2012, when he became founder and owner of Bespoke Services, a luxury concierge company in Mykonos, Greece. After completing a three year stint at Bespoke Services, Kalesakis took his current role as founder and owner of Magnificent with extended luxury concierge services.

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