Abu Dhabi to host Global Illicit Trade Summit


From counterfeit goods to illicit financial flows, to human trafficking and drugs; the ‘shadow’ economy is estimated reach over $3 trillion. With an aim to create a dialogue and address the root cause of illegal trade, The Economist Events will host the third Global Illicit Trade Summit on October 30 at the Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi.
Newer technologies, crypto-currency, taxation, legal loopholes, rise of freezones, eCommerce and regional socio-economic instability have opened new opportunities for counterfeit, terrorism, Intellectual Property crimes and other illicit trade.
The event offers a platform to facilitate dialogue between the private and public sector and policy makers to forge an international response against illegal activities and protect society, consumers and the economy.
“Ranked 34 out of 84 nations worldwide, the UAE is a paradigm of governance showing they will not tolerate illicit activities,” said Christopher Clague, Managing editor, Asia and global editorial lead, trade and globalisation, The Economist Intelligence Unit.

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