Abu Dhabi displays positive biz outlook


Abu Dhabi / WAM

The records set by the general index of confidence in the business climate and its sub-indexes in 2015 showed a continuous positive outlook amongst various businesses towards the economic conditions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and optimism for the future in spite of slight decline of the general index value which reached 59 points in 2015 against 62 points recorded in 2014.
The new result of the general index of confidence came as part of the developmental indexes of the Economic Performance Report in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi 2015, released by the Studies Division of the Department of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi (ADDED) based on surveys conducted by the Statistics Center – Abu Dhabi.
Commenting on the index, Khalifa Bin Salem Al Mansoori, ADDED Acting Undersecretary, said that the business community’s evaluation of the economic conditions in 2015 came positive in general as the current conditions index recorded about 54 points on average for that year.
He stated that as per economic activity, the index of confidence in the business climate for 2015 reflects a maintained positive attitude and a feeling of optimism by the economic establishments in various sectors (industry, commerce, service and construction) in 2015, though to a lesser degree compared to the results of 2014.
The highest degree of optimism was demonstrated in the service sector establishments where the index scored about 62 points, followed by the commercial activity and the industrial activity, with 61 points each while the construction activity scores about 57 points on the index.
Al Mansoori noted that the decline in the current conditions index compared to its level of 56 points on average in 2014 reflects a decline in the economic establishments’ evaluation of the current conditions during 2015 under the influence of some

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