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With over 6,000 restaurants in Dubai, the residents here are overwhelmed with plethora of choices when it comes to cuisines, services and cool ambiences of any eating joint. This industry is clearly bubbling with countless innovations in services, ranging from home-grown brands and international chains, which have raisied the bar of
restaurants in the emirates.
one0one Restaurant and Cafe is located in the Business Bay — Millenium Tower, Dubai, and serves a unique concept in customer experience. It is one of the few outlets in Dubai that is opened 24/7, and it also offers a living room experience to the diners. Live Latina music show one of the main events to entertain the guests.
Alaa A Elhamid, General Manager of one0one Restaurant and Cafe, told Emirates Business, “Competition is healthy but nothing is more important that giving the customers the best, whether they come for food or coffee, our job is to provide the best in ingredients and service that they would appreciate.”. He stressed, “The quality of food, its presentation and price are defining factors in getting repeat walk-ins, but more important is in the way the restaurant differentiates itself.”
“We have two private rooms which mimic a living room with large screen TVs and PlayStation 4s and is ideal for an evening gathering of friends and families.”
According to one0one’s own market research, dining out is counted among the favourite pastime among the UAE population. However, this activity accounts to approximately AED840 per month of expense on an average household. The research stated that the restaurant business is strongly contributing to the economy and accounts to almost AED11 billion.
Despite the presence of an array of dining options in Dubai, one0one has managed to catch the eye of the food aficionados.
Dubai is a city where cultures and tastes meet. The range of restaurants is unmatched and with local concepts on the rise, they are giving the international chains a tough
competition. Where once people relied mainly on international brands, it is now being witnessed that the home-grown brands are fast gaining the much-wanted popularity among the people of the region.
The advantage of a home-grown brands in the region is the their flexibility to change according to the needs of their customers. They can change the approach, menu or services based on the local feedback much faster compared with any international chain.
The years leading to Expo 2020 will only showcase the best of the talents in meeting international standards and in most cases surpassing them. With an estimated 19,000 extra F&B outlets expected in the UAE by 2019, according to Euromonitor International, the competition and varieties of outlets would encounter fierce battle.
But this is healthy, as customers would be able to expect better services and quality on their everyday dining experience.
“At one0one Restaurant and Café, we are keeping our ears open to suggestions from our clients. Our clients are very important as they are the ones who define our success,” said Alaa A Elhamid.

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