UAE presents its gender equality model before IPU

Geneva / WAM

During its participation in the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva, the Federal National Council’s (FNC), Parliamentary Division has presented the country’s experience in promoting gender equality in the scientific and technological sectors, and ensuring women’s empowerment in all fields.
The 139th Assembly of the IPU is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, until October 18.
While attending the Human Rights meeting, Afra Al Basti, FNC member and Director-General of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, said that in April 2018, the UAE government launched the National Advanced Sciences Agenda 2031 and the 2021 Advanced Science Strategy.
She added that the 2031 Agenda aims to utilise advanced sciences in the development and creation of solutions to future challenges and support the government’s efforts to achieve the objectives of Vision 2021. She noted that the 2031 Agenda sets out eight scientific priorities up to 2031 and 30 scientific targets up to 2021.
During the meetings, Alia Suleiman Al Jassim, FNC member, reviewed the UAE Parliamentary Division’s proposals regarding gender equality in the scientific and technological domains and urged world parliaments to contribute to the overall reform of technical education to ensure equal enrolment of women and men in the educational sector.

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