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Poland rejects allegations it spied on opposition



Poland’s government rejected fresh allegations that it illegally hacked the mobile phone of a senior opposition lawmaker during the 2019 parliamentary election campaign, the latest spying scandal hitting the country’s nationalist leaders.
The Associated Press reported that Senator Krzysztof Brejza’s mobile phone was hacked with sophisticated spyware when he was running the main opposition party’s campaign, citing internet watchdog Citizen Lab. Earlier in the week, a lawyer who represented top opposition officials and a state prosecutor accused the government of stealing data form their mobile devises.
“Suggestions that the Polish security services are using operational methods for political battles are not true,” security services spokesman Stanislaw Zaryn told Bloomberg. Asked specifically about Brejza, Zaryn said that Polish law prohibits him from revealing the names of people under surveillance.
Poland’s political ally, Hungary, is also among governments accused of deploying NSO Group Ltd.’s controversial Pegasus spyware to target critics.

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