Mansour bin Zayed witnesses launch of first ‘Youth 101’ initiative

Abu Dhabi / WAM

Under the patronage of the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the first ‘Youth 101’ initiative began on Tuesday in Abu Dhabi, with the attendance of HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, under the title, “Essentials of Government Work.”
The initiative was organised by the Federal Youth Authority, FYA, and will witness the participation of over 4,000 young men and women from various regions of the country.
“The UAE Government is an international example for governments, and the country’s youth are part of this government and are partners in its success. Its efforts to provide them with knowledge and science was established by the UAE’s leadership and are an ongoing part of the government’s policies, as their knowledge of international developments, plans and strategies will ensure their role in serving their nation,” Sheikh Mansour said.
“This major gathering of the youth highlights their interest in benefitting from all opportunities that will enable them to improve their abilities and polish their skills to become active future leaders, through acquiring knowledge, meeting the needs of the age, and gaining much expertise, which will ensure their readiness to keep pace with future requirements,” Sheikh Mansour added.
“This initiative is important, as it will help to establish other initiatives that will enable the youth to be creative and provide them with promising opportunities, as well as to benefit from relevant strategies and efforts, which will create a better tomorrow for our community and the country,” he further said.

During the initiative’s first session, the participating youth met with senior government officials, who spoke about the importance of managing government work and its role in elevating the community, improving the quality of life of individuals, and strengthening the UAE’s international stature, as well as learning about the country’s advancement and development, which was achieved through the future vision and long-term thinking of the wise leadership.

The session highlighted the government’s efforts to foresee and prepare for the future, through creating new ministerial positions and promoting advanced sciences and artificial intelligence. The participating ministers also discussed other key topics related to quality of life, such as energy, climate change, health and prevention, and the role of foreign trade in supporting the youth, and the role of the youth in defending and protecting the nation.

The FYA launched ”Youth 101”, which aims to enhance national knowledge among the youth, build their knowledge base and raise their awareness on various fields. Under this initiative, the Federal Youth Authority will launch a series of courses provided by professionals and experts with the aim of raising the youth awareness and providing them with the basics of work in both public and private sector.

In addition, the FYA will launch a set of online courses through the initiative’s digital platform to allow constant interaction with the youth and ensure they benefit from these courses The platform will also enable young people to sign up for the sessions and interact directly with officials and experts in group sessions.

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