France tells companies to be ready for all Brexit scenarios


The French government told companies to begin preparing for all Brexit scenarios, including no deal between the European Union and the UK.
At a closed-door meeting at the finance ministry, Secretary of State Agnes Pannier-Runacher recommended business leaders start identifying measures to limit the impact of Brexit and begin alerting their suppliers.
France hopes Michel Barnier’s efforts to reach a deal will be successful, but “there’s little time left to to conclude the negotiations and ratify the agreement,” Pannier-Runacher said, according to a statement from the finance ministry. “It is therefore our collective responsibility to prepare for all eventualities, including a no deal Brexit.”
The French government is particularly concerned that small businesses are not prepared for Brexit, while large companies have long had contingency plans in place. Around a quarter of France’s 120,000 exporters ship goods to the UK, and customers of British service providers could also be impacted.
The administration has set up a telephone hot-line and email address for businesses to seek advice on how to prepare. Still, the government has no estimation of the potential costs to businesses and has not pledged any financial aide for struggling companies, according to the ministry.

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