FNC, Bahrain to strengthen cooperation

Abu Dhabi / WAM

Ahmed Shabib Al Dhaheri, Secretary-General of the Federal National Council (FNC), on Sunday met at the FNC’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, a joint delegation from the Bahraini Shura Council and the Supreme Council of Women of Bahrain.
During the meeting, both sides discussed the means of strengthening their cooperation, coordination and partnership, as well as their exchange of expertise and knowledge, while highlighting the importance of benefitting from their overall experiences, which will assist their countries and peoples.
The Bahraini delegation reviewed the UAE’s experience in supporting and empowering women in all areas, based on the principle of equal opportunities, as well as the FNC’s role and legislative, control and political competencies and parliamentary development, since its establishment on February 12, 1972.
The delegation stressed the necessity of strengthening the cooperation between the FNC’s General Secretariat and the general secretariats of the Bahraini Shura Council and the Supreme Council for Women of Bahrain.

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